January 1, 2021 Message

 You have heard this old adage all your life, “Hindsight is 2020“.  This past year has given a new meaning to this saying.

 Well, let us pray that since we survived 2020 and arrived safely in 2021 that we have learned valuable lessons which will enable us to cope with whatever harsh circumstances arise in the future.

The first lesson that we should have learned is that our God is always with us, and will continue to shelter us from the harm the world wants to inflict on us.  All we need to do is pray to Him. 

While He may not answer prayers immediately, or in the way that you would have wished,  He will answer your prayers according to His will.  Remember, He always has our best interests at heart, if we just love and trust in Him.

Another lesson that we should have learned in 2020 was that each of us needs to be ready to assist others.  That assistance can come in many varied ways.  Jesus commands us to love one another, so by performing acts of kindness for others you will be obeying His desires.

 You might be asking yourself, “How can I help others”?  Well, there are numerous ways that we can give others a helping hand.  Just think about 2020, and how we survived that dreaded virus that descended upon us just 10 months ago.  We adapted and learned how to overcome these onerous restrictions that have been placed on us. 

We learned that we could take meals to others or run errands for others.  Many businesses adapted as well by offering delivery of groceries, or by allowing us to pick up goods and groceries while not having to enter the crowded stores.

 We all scrambled to learn how to Wash Our Hands, Keep a Safe Distance Away from Others, and Wear that Mask.  Probably the hardest thing to deal with this past year was not being able to visit with our close friends and relatives; particularly those who were living alone or in Assisted Living Facilities. 

One restriction that we, at Faith, quickly overcame was the demand that we not conduct Worship Services.  We began to hold “in person” Worship Services with only ten people plus the Pastor in attendance.  To many of us, not being able to attend Worship Services or receive communion regularly was a hardship.  As restrictions eased we began cordoning off pews so that we were able to comply with social distancing.  We were also able to place some new air machines in the Sanctuary, the Narthex and the Great Room.  These machines have the ability to kill 99.95% of bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces.

 Let us look forward to 2021 as a year in which we can each individually learn to be more helpful to others in our church, and to reach out to our community. 

Please prayerfully consider how ‘you’ can provide assistance to others.  The slightest deed can prove helpful to someone in need; even a phone call to someone who is alone is a welcome addition to someone’s day.  Please remember to pray for your fellow church members, and others, who are either sick or having trouble dealing with this virus situation or other illnesses.  God gives us our church family, to take care of each other.