There are many excellent resources available for deeper information and study of the Christian faith. You can click on the title of any book in the following list to go to the Concordia Publishing House (CPH) website to place an order for a personal copy.

  • Lutheran Study Bible – The first, and only, study Bible prepared entirely from the ground up by Lutherans, offering a uniquely keen focus on the proper distinction between Law and Gospel, and shining a brilliant light on the heart and center of the Scriptures: Christ and Him crucified, risen and ascended for your salvation—it’s all about Jesus, in every way, for you. The Lutheran Study Bible gives you practical helps and aids to strengthen your life of prayer and meditation on God’s Word with life application notes and prayers throughout the Bible.
  • Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation – Written by Martin Luther in 1529, this explanation of Christianity summarizes the Bible’s key teachings simply, clearly, and memorably. It will help you understand how God gives you His gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation.
  • Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions – A Reader’s Edition of the Book of Concord – The Book of Concord is the authoritative collection of the Lutheran Church’s statements of faith. It contains documents which Lutheran Christians have used since the sixteenth century to explain, defend, and advance their witness to the truth of God’s Word.
  • – Official website of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
  • – Concordia Publishing House is a resource for an entire library of study materials.
  • – If you are not at all familiar with Lutheran theology and would like a quick overview created for newcomers, check out this website. There are three videos where Pastor Will Weedon explains Lutheran teaching and practice to an outsider.
  • – A ten-hour weekly syndicated radio talk show and podcast. The program hosted by Pastor Todd Wilken features expert guests and expansive topics while extolling Christ.
  • – This site is devoted to identifying, gathering, propagating, and pointing to resources to promote the use of Luther’s catechisms.
  • The Lutheran Hour  – Available on the internet and as a radio program, preaching the Gospel through weekly sermons, daily devotions, and other media resources. 
  • Lutheran Service Book – This book contains the Orders of Service, the psalms, and hymns that enrich our worship at Divine Services.
  • Treasury of Daily Prayer (or the Pray Now app for Android and Apple devices) – An all-in-one resource for daily devotions.
  • The Spirituality of the Cross by Gene E. Veith Jr – This book explores the topic of spirituality by presenting a true understanding of justification by faith, the means of grace, the two kingdoms, worship, and the church.
  • The Defense Never Rests by Craig Parton – This critique of American Christianity chronicles the spiritual pilgrimage of one man and provides a defense of the pure Gospel.
  • The Christian Faith by Robert Kolb – In this book, the author presents the basic teachings of the Christian faith from the Lutheran framework. This framework presents all the articles of faith in accordance with the Scriptures and also correctly distinguishes between Law and Gospel.
  • Reading the Psalms with Luther – English translation of Luther’s Summaries of the Psalms, 1531. This edition includes the ESV translation of the Psalms, Luther’s introductions to each of the 150 psalms and a suggested schedule for reading the Psalter.

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